#Aquaticrunner XTriM Border Lagoon, the Italian #Swimrun 2016, on September 10th, starting from Grado to Lignano Sabbiadoro, registration open!


Starting as a man and arriving as an amphibian… Aquaticrunner SWIMRUN, from Grado to
Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy), in a surrounding of sea and islands. The competition for the true Ironmen. A unique race, a great adventure, an exciting challenge, all this is Aquaticrunner, that is, crossing the lagoon from Grado to Lignano Sabbiadoro, running and swimming without interruption! The swimming fraction in total is about 5Km, while the running fraction is 23 Km. http://www.aquaticrunner.com


This year the race will be longer than the two previous editions, in total 28 Km, (5 Km Swim, 23 Km Run), 19 Transitions (5/23/19), Individual SwimRun Half Distance.

Only 275 athletes will participate in this contest, including 150 Italians, 55 foreigners, 20 athlets which will be identified by the staff and sponsors, and 50 more athlets which will be accepted through the Selections.

Individual Swimrun Half Distance. Total distance 28 Km, 5 swim and 23 run, 19 transaction (4/9/19).

On 2015, there were 180 Athletes participating in the edition 2015, coming from 13 Countries (Italy, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, UK and USA).
In 2016 the race is the Swimrun Italian championcheep and it is the last race on 7 competitions inside the Italian SwimRun Series (Friuli Venezia, Giulia, Veneto, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana Marche e Puglia http://www.swimrun.it/)


You can find all the information and race fees on the official website www.aquaticrunner.com. The pre-registration and registration form is available on the mentioned website.